University General Counsel (UGC)

Legal Hammer


The University General Counsel (UGC) supports the mission of NMSU and enhances risk management efforts by providing timely, accurate and highly valuable legal advice and representation for the institution’s board and executive leadership, as well as other campus stakeholders as assigned.


UGC serves the university by finding appropriate legal avenues to support opportunities which advance the institution’s mission, without creating unnecessary or unacceptable levels of legal risk.


UGC values independent analysis, timeliness, truth and accuracy in every project, communication and statement of advice that we provide to NMSU’s stakeholders.
Regents Policy Manual
Administrative Rules
and Procedures of NMSU


The Office of the General Counsel of New Mexico State University maintains these web pages for general information only. The pages are not intended to provide specific legal advice for any specific situation. Legal advice can be provided only in the course…

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UGC is tasked with delivering timely and effective legal counsel to New Mexico State University, as its institutional client, including all campuses and the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.  The following are examples of the type of services it provides:

  • Legal advice to the Board of Regents and senior executive management including the NMSU president, community college presidents, the provost and chief academic officer, and the college deans, as well as to NMSU supervisors.  Advice is also provided to faculty and staff in their official capacities as it relates to university business, as may be requested through the cognizant dean or vice-president.
  • Representation of NMSU in administrative actions and court proceedings, or litigation support and oversight when outside counsel is retained.
  • Legal advice and assistance to the Board of Regents and the Director/Secretary and senior executive management of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA), including issues relating to enforcement actions and the development or amendment of state regulations.
  • Maintenance of the Regents Policy Manual (RPM) and the Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP) as the two primary sources of policy, rules and procedures at NMSU, including coordination and advice to NMSU constituents regarding new developments and revisions.
  • Oversight to the office of Athletics Compliance.
  • Oversight to the Office of Institutional Equity
  • Oversight to the Office of People Relations.

The attorneys in University General Counsel do not provide legal services to faculty, staff or students in their personal matters. UGC attorneys do not represent or advise employees with claims against the university or its management. Students with complaints may seek assistance from the  Dean of Students, and those with personal legal issues may obtain services through ASNMSU’s Student Legal Aid program.