Historical NMSU Policy Documents

This page is a reference to historical documents (commencing 9/8/2005) containing policies, rules and procedures approved and/or authorized by the Board of Regents contained in its manuals entitled “NMSU Policy Manual”, Regents Policy Manual” and “Administrative Rules and Procedures of NMSU”.  Other rules and regulations may be found in the university’s academic Catalogs and Business Procedures Manual (now also linked from ARP 14.01 – Compliance with Business Procedures Manual, outside the purview of this website.  Copies of outdated editions of the NMSU Policy Manual prior to September 2005 are housed at the NMSU Library (Branson).

In October 2015, the NMSU Policy Manual was recompiled into two policy sources: the Regents Policy Manual (RPM) for policies adopted by the Board of Regents and the Administrative Rules and Procedures of NMSU (ARP) for policies adopted by the Chancellor.  In December of 2017, the RPM and ARP were transitioned to an online format (https://rpm.nmsu.edu and https://arp.nmsu.edu ).

This page also provides summaries of policy revisions contained in these documents, organized by year.  Commencing in December of 2015, the policy revisions authorized by the Chancellor within the ARP are in the form of an Informational Report provided to the Board of Regents (BOR), while policies adopted by the Board of Regents are reflected in the Board’s Meeting Minutes and in the various editions of the Regents Policy Manual.

Summaries of Revisions to Administrative Rules and Procedures

Copies of Previous Editions of the Administrative Rules and Procedures

Summaries of Revisions to NMSU Policy Manual

Former Editions of NMSU Policy Manual (Editions pre-dating 9/8/2005 are housed at NMSU Library)