University General Counsel

University General Counsel is the administrative unit tasked with delivering timely and effective legal counsel to New Mexico State University, as its institutional client, which includes all campuses and the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.  The following are examples of the type of services it provides:

  • Provides legal advice to the Board of Regents, the NMSU president, provost and executive management; to NMSU supervisors; to faculty and staff in their official capacities as it relates to university business; as well as representation services in administrative hearings and court proceedings, as appropriate.
  • Advises and assists the Board of Regents in its governance of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) and compliance with all state statutes regulating same, through its Director/Secretary of the NMDA, also a member of the Governor’s Executive Cabinet.
  • Coordinates the development of new policies, review of existing policies, and maintains the NMSU Policy Manual. Reviews proposed new or revised regulations for the NMDA.
  • Provides oversight to the Office of Real Estate and The Office of Athletics Compliance and Eligibility.

The attorneys in University General Counsel do not provide legal services to faculty, staff or students in their personal matters. Nor do they represent or advise employees with claims against the university. Students with personal legal issues should contact ASNMSU, Student Legal Services.